The Thin Red Line

Recently our church prayer team visited a like minded church, Faith Chapel in Churchville, NY, for a season of joint prayer.  During that time of prayer, the pastor, Dave Branch, had a vision of a map with a red line connecting Churchville and Attica.  We had some personal discussion and thoughts included the Bloodline of Christ and the Battle Line.  We agreed in the connection between these two bodies and to pray into this vision.  The following is what I believe God is intending for us and for the body at large.

I believe the Lord shared with me Thin Red Line – Red Ball Express – Red Phone.

My first impression was this is the Bloodline of Christ.  Then I realized the red line goes beyond the Blood Line although that is included.  He showed me a map with pins and red string between them representing a likeminded network of bodies that are pursuing a pure move of His Spirit in our nation in our day.  The red line is also a battle line, think “Thin Red Line”, the connected bodies of believers that stand between the souls of men and judgment.  Working together they add souls to the Kingdom and they are strengthened because of their connection to each other and to “ME”…”A threefold cord is not quickly broken”.

The Red Ball Express was the name given to the supply line that ran from the French Coast to fuel General Patton’s advancing army in Germany.  The Americans were racing to beat the Russians to Berlin.  Often they had to stop because of lack of supply.  The Red Ball Express was a continuous unbroken stream of transport that ran to keep tanks and men supplied so the advance could continue.  God says “I have planned a continuous stream of heavenly supply, Spirit filled power, discernment, weapons of warfare and that which is necessary for the natural support of the supernatural army which is carrying the battle to the enemy.”  

The “Red Phone” is the hot line to the commander in chief.  No waiting outside, we have a direct connection through Christ and the Holy Spirit to receive orders from the commander.  These orders include where and when and how to advance, when to hold the line and wait, when to regroup and refresh in preparation for the next orders to advance.  All efforts should be focused on either preparation for advancing or actually advancing the Kingdom.

No advancing army builds lasting structures, only temporary, needs based facilities.  Advancing armies set up temporary command posts in captured enemy strongholds and from the enemy’s former location they launch out to overcome the remaining forces of the enemy.  “Do not let your structures and plans become so inflexible as to be unable to move and launch out in a new direction.  Classes, schedules, order of service and more should be quickly bent to My new orders.  If it cannot bend and accommodate new direction, it is not of Me.”

Finally, I believe the Lord would say “By the authority or the bloodline, you are to connect and cooperate on the battle line, with full confidence knowing that My supply lines are steady and full according to your needs for the carrying out of My orders.  Advance the Kingdom, preach the Gospel in signs, wonders, demonstration and power.  Advance ahead of the supply, it will catch up.  Spend time with me daily listening to My commands.  Battle directions often change without notice.  Be not afraid, I am with you and My supply waits at every commanded destination.”

Church, it is time to move out.

Pastor Bob.