A Season to Embrace the Three Fold Calling of God

A consistent event in the prophetic ministry is the encouraging of God’s people to step into a higher level of His calling for their lives. I believe we are often hesitant to step into His calling because we do not truly see ourselves as qualified. I would remind you before releasing this word, that God rarely calls the qualified, but He always qualifies those He calls. For the year of 2014 and beyond I sense the Lord declaring a Three Fold Calling to be embraced by all believers. I believe the Lord would say to us:
“This is a season to rise and embrace my calling and anointing for your life. In this season I am calling you to a three-fold calling of Kings, Priests, and Prophets. Each one who will enter into this anointing, who will accept this calling, will find Kingdom Advance in their life and ministry. The essence of this calling and the effect it will have is demonstrated by the purpose and calling of the individual anointing. The difference will be that as believers operate in this threefold calling, the effect and anointing will be multiplied by the gifts flowing together in My timing and My power.”
“Kings rule over a sphere and area of authority. Within that arena, their authority is absolute, their word the very law of the land. Each of you has a kingdom, an area of influence, a sphere where I have given you the authority to rule in the Spirit and atmosphere of that place. This personal kingdom may be your family, your workplace, your neighborhood or even your nation. Seek me to determine the limits and boundaries of your authority. The Kingly anointing I have for you is the anointing to declare and decree into the heavenlies. You will decree a thing and it will come to pass. This is different from the prophets anointing as you will see because the kingly decree carries with it the force of current law while the prophets decree carries the force of promises to be fulfilled. Seek My face and learn to decree My commands into the heavenlies and as you decree with authority, in faith believing you will see My Kingdom manifest in your kingdom.”
“The Priest approaches Me on behalf of the people. As you approach Me you are to bring the people of your kingdom to Me. The sacrifice of your praise and prayers will release an anointing of grace and mercy upon the ones you bring to Me. The Priestly anointing requires the shameless persistence of one who will come and midnight and refuse to be quieted until I release the bread, the insistence of a widow that cries out continuously for the release of justice against the adversary until My judgment comes. In this season, the Priestly calling will release My provision needed to sustain those in your Kingdom sphere and will release My judgment against the adversary which has resisted your effort to advance.”
“As the Kingly anointing provides order, and the Priestly anointing releases provision and favorable judgment, the Prophetic anointing will release timing and direction. The Prophet represents the My will and plan to the people. In your prophetic calling, I will release words in season, words to advance, words to pull back and words to hold ground. I will reveal the hidden treasures, the secret ingredients, the missing pieces which are required to advance in My plans for you.”
“The prophetic promise, decreed like Kings in heavenly places while humbly holding people before my throne will release demonstration and power not seen in years. The strength of nation shaking revival is contained in this word. So you My children, I am calling you to step in, to rule, to intercede, and to declare, for this is a season for individual believers to embrace My Three Fold calling, to live as Kings and Priests and Prophets daily and see My Kingdom come and My will be done on earth as it is in heaven everywhere you go.”
The above word was received over several days in a season of prayer and preparation for the release of the prophetic in Rochester, NY area for 2014. May it stir you to prayer and seeking of God’s voice for your individual life.
Pastor Bob Grant