Pour It Out

A sharing from 2 Kings 4:1-7.The passage is a simple story; a widow of a Godly leader is in financial straits and in danger of losing her house and children.  All she has is a little vial of oil.  Elisha’s word is to gather all the empty containers you can find and fill them up with the little you have.  Does this strike anyone else as strange, or even ridiculous?  And yet, in her obedience she poured out and the oil flowed until all the vessels were full and her immediate and future needs were met!          In meditating on these scriptures I realize that many times I am like the widow, faced with the impossible or the unpleasant, lacking the resources to accomplish the task at hand, and if I am honest, I fear God will not move on my behalf.  With that said, I will share what I see here for your consideration and application to your own lives as you deem fit.

–        She went to the prophet for a word from God. We are a prophetic people, attending and pastoring prophetic churches, in a prophetic fellowship and we have the additional benefit of hearing from God directly.  What is God’s word to you? From the scripture, from the mouths of prophets, from your own prayer life, what is He saying?

–        She did what the prophet said.  It did not make sense but she obeyed!  I find that I, and many others, want to have everything in place, a three, four, or five step plan, a backup plan, and three layers of protection against failure before we will even move. If she had not obeyed, she would not have experienced God’s deliverance. Yes, count the cost, but get ahold of this concept…Faith is spelled R-I-S-K.  If we risk nothing for God we will often achieve the same thing for Him. Nothing!

–        She was desperate. Her life was on the line.  Many times I think we are not desperate because we are too comfortable, we think we have nothing to lose by staying put and yet we lose portions of eternal blessing by being complacent. I don’t think you can work up desperation, but God can place desperation in your heart.  Ask God to make you desperate for His promise to be true in your life.

–        The miracle happened when everything she had was at risk. I can’t imagine the struggle she must have felt when she turned the vial to pour out all she had into an impossibly large group of vessels.  Neither can I imagine her astonishment, her fear turned to joy as vessel after vessel filled.  If we would see God move, we usually must risk being foolish and losing that which we have!

–        The miracle continued until it was complete. God will not leave us exposed, unprotected, or without His provision when we pour our all out for Him. I wonder if, in the middle of her miracle, she worried the oil would stop.  How long can it keep flowing? Scripture promises He who began a good work…will be faithful to complete it.

This is what I see as the personal application for my own life.  The oil, the anointing, the gift He has placed in me is more than sufficient for the work He has called me to.  The anointing doesn’t flow until I have placed myself at risk in His hands.  His calling for the pouring out will likely not make sense and will take more than I think I possess. The container is me, the empty vessels, all those He has placed in my life, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even complete strangers.  If I will pour out what He has given into those He has sent, they will be filled and my purpose will be complete in Him.  I have to go pour out now.  Until next time…Pastor Bob.