Propelled By Divine Impulse

During my personal time with the Lord on January 9, 2013, I believe I heard the following:

          “This is a season of seeming contradictions.  It seems as if evil has taken over the nation.  It seems as if people are not interested in Me.  It seems as if My Church has lost power and influence in the public arena and it even seems as if the Church will be driven underground and die.  But, this is not the reality, it is the illusion.  These things appear to be true only to the natural eye and the natural mind but, to My people, led by My Spirit, this is to be your finest hour.

          Yes the enemy has come in, but like a flood, My Spirit has raised a standard against him.  Yes people have rejected the way of religion and the traditionally organized church, that way is powerless, but they hunger for the power of My Spirit.  They hunger for the Church that will stand in faith and declare My Truth unwaveringly, a Church that will call on Me for My Power in impossible situations and expect Me to move.  Have I not promised that the people who know Me as their God will do great exploits.  Well, this is that hour, but you must know me.  My Spirit will lead you into the battle, not the battle in media, courtrooms, and politics, not the public arena, but the battle in heavenly places where the souls of men are at stake.  Yes the Church will seemingly get smaller and fall away from public influence, but again, this is only an illusion.  My Church is those who believe I am able, those who commit all to me, and they will arise in this season.  Evil will be thrown back, not in the public arena but in the hearts of men.  Evil rulers will fall, again, not in the public arena, but in the hearts of men.  My Church, My Bride, will arise, thrive, and move closer to being without spot or blemish in this season.  The resulting change in men’s hearts is the victory.  With that change, will in fact come some change in the public arena, but My Kingdom is not now and never was of this world.  This world is the training ground and yes, even the battleground to enter My Kingdom, to seize it forcefully as a prize to be won. 

          How can this be you ask?  Many have preached Your truth, prayed for the sick, shared the gospel, even seen the manifestations of Your miracles demonstrated and yet things have seemed to continually decline.  True enough, many have stood in faith, believed without doubting, held on in impossible situations, prophesied to dead ears and yes, things seem to have gotten worse.  This has been a season of shaking.  Pecan growers have all of their trees shaken annually, not only to remove the nuts, but to remove the dead branches.  The shaking increases the productivity of the tree by removing that which is unproductive and stimulating the life that flows within.  In the same way, this has been My shaking.  Dead things are falling away from My Body.  Sure some lifeless organizations will continue to exist, propped up by men’s vain imaginations and even by the enemy in a show of deception, but they are and will continue to be powerless in the season ahead. 

          What is ahead is a season of being propelled by Divine impulse.  You must be closely attuned to My Spirit in order for this to manifest in your life.  Return to the early stories, the ones recorded as your example and see.  Look at the times My People, in impossible situations, acted by faith in a seemingly irrational manner on a Divine Impulse and saw My hand move and bring great victories on their behalf.  Look at Gideon’s 300, Jericho’s wall, a shepherd boy’s sling against a giant warrior; all were irrational actions under a Divine Impulse.  In the season ahead, I am calling My Church to be free to follow My Spirit.  This may require you to scrap programs, abandon buildings, restructure services, change directions midstream or just quit one thing and start something completely new.  When I call you to those things, people will think you have lost your mind.  For that reason, it is imperative that you know My voice and respond quickly with willing obedience which will bring My victory and encourage those who are willing to take the risk.  This is a season, to listen closely, and rely on Me even more completely, because I have been shaking and will continue to shake My Church until only those who truly want Me will remain.  Hold on to Me, I am holding on to you.  I will not let you go, but will lead you in this season.  Be prepared to be propelled by Divine Impulse.”

Be Blessed

Pastor Bob

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  1. Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he just bought me lunch as I found it for him smile Thus let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch! “Any man would be forsworn to gain a kingdom.”

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