About Us

We are a community of Christ Followers (commonly known as a church), located near the Village of Attica, New York.  A diverse group of believers in Jesus from newborn to 80’s, single, married, widowed, divorced, we work in schools, on farms, in offices, self-employed and factory workers, go to ballgames, enjoy cookouts, family time and each other.  In other words, we are a lot like you. The Fire For Attica name is chosen because we have a passion, or fire, to make all aware of the work Jesus did which allows us to be reunited with God the Father in a personal relationship.  We seek to accomplish this mission in a fourfold manner. Passion, Prayer, Power, and Practicality.

Passionate in Worship – We believe that God is to be worshipped and this is a primary way of connecting with Him.  Our gatherings include modern, up tempo music that you would hear on Christian Radio today.  Guitars, Bass, Keyboard and drums are just part of the story.  People sing, clap, dance, stand, sit, kneel, reflect and pray, with the freedom to engage with God’s presence. Psalm 22:3 indicates that God lives in the praise of His people and we desire for Him to dwell with and in us.

Persistent in Prayer – Jesus was a man of prayer. He hid out at night to pray, prayed at Lazarus’ tomb, prayed for Peter that Peter’s faith would not fail, prayed for the disciples and the soon coming Church, he prayed in the Garden. He was desperate to hear the voice of His Father and equally determined to follow the Father’s will. In that model, prayer in community services, in small groups, in individual lives, guides us as we minister in His name.

Powerful in Ministry – Mark 16:17 says that signs will be among those who believe.  It is our privilege to pray for the sick an see them healed, expect to hear from prophetic voices and experience a wide variety of miracles from simply feeling better to financial rescue. Not everything that happens here is spectacular, but much of it is supernatural. The most supernatural thing that happens is when someone begins to believe and gives their life to Christ. That is truly powerful.

Practical in Service – A wise missionary once said “empty bellies have no ears”.  With that in mind, we join resources to help both those in our group and the community at large participating in food and clothing drives, volunteering for various functions, having building and repair days for those in need. Without helping hands, ears will never open to hear the Good News that “Jesus has risen from the dead, and He is calling for you to join Him”.

We hope that you will visit us soon and find a way to express your passion, experience His power, and release your service to others.

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