A Season of Display

            During a time of prayer several days ago, I felt the Lord speak to me and say “I am putting My Church on display in this season.”  As I pressed in to hear more I seemed to see a woman putting her house in order for a festive holiday gathering.  Everything was cleaned and placed just so.  Each table, candle and dish was in exactly the right place.  All of the dishes were overflowing with holiday foods, from light delicate snacks to filling meats and gravies.  As people came to eat, each found exactly what they were looking for and as the evening wore on, the praises of the hostess rose higher and higher.

            As I asked for clarity the Lord said “You have heard and seen correctly.  The decorations of the feast are the vessels I have kept for this season.  Each one is being polished and filled and placed in the perfect position to display and attract my guests to the feast.  That which is contained in each vessel will amaze the ones who draw life giving sustenance from that vessel.  Some dishes are ornate and spectacular, others will seem almost plain by comparison and yet all will be delicious as life flows out to the ones who respond to my banquet table this season.  You also correctly saw that although the displays were beautiful, and the food both attractive and delicious, it was the hostess that received the praise.  So it will be in this season when My Church is on display, I receive the glory.  However, unlike the vessels in your vision, My vessels can choose whether to allow Me to cleanse, fill, place and use them.  Those who decline will miss the joy of the celebration.  They will not be discarded; they will simply be left in the cupboard.  Only the vessels that choose to be filled, choose to be set in place, those vessels will draw the world for My Glory.

            And to the vessels that see their chips and cracks, fear not for I have reserved you for just this season.  You are precious to me and the chips and cracks allow My Glory to shine through and show the work I have done in you.  Come my vessels and be made clean, be filled, be placed by the leading of My Spirit and give out that which I have placed in you.  Hurry for the season of display is already upon you and the celebration has begun.”

            I see this word as an outpouring/refreshing of God’s Spirit on those who are willing to be led and used in this season.  I believe we are in for an expansion of the miraculous and in influx of new believers.  As I continued in prayer, I felt the Lord would intend this for larger than the local body where I serve, so I have submitted it to the ones where I felt His leading for their discernment and judgment to use as they see fit.  May God richly bless you and yours in this season.


Galatians 6:9 ESV And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

What a challenge this is.  Trying to move into the electronic world of blogs, creating web pages, moving away from the canned web site is not an adventure for the faint of heart.  Baby steps await you in this new publication of Fire For Attica.  I know it will improve as we grow and mature in the process.  It is very similar to the process of following Christ.

Don’t wear out.  I have dropped, lost, accidentally deleted five or six attempts at this before publishing.  Now it looks like something but not enough.  So it is with Jesus, we try to be like Him and we fail, we slip up, say or do the wrong thing, sometimes we fall away and feel unworthy to return.  But, don’t quit.  God did not change His mind about us when we blow it.  The scriptures are full of second, third and fifth chances.  Noah got drunk, Abraham failed to wait on God to produce to Isaac, Moses missed the promise land but God still buried Him personally, David comitted adultry and yet fathered a line of kings that led to Jesus, Peter had foot in mouth disease, Paul was a hot head.  Things are the same today and yet God loves us still.

So I persevered and here it is, the new website, and we, if we will persevere will become more like Jesus every day, we will reap a harvest in this life and the next.  God is for us, who can be against us. 

Take a look inside and send us your comments.  WordPress Gurus can also give us hints on how to improve.

Blessings to you – Pastor Bob